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da Vinci Systems was an American digital cinema company founded in 1984, based in Coral Springs, Florida and wholly owned by JDSU. It was known for hardware-based color correction products, such as 888, 2K and 2K Plus; GPU-based color grading and digital mastering systems, such as TLC and Resolve (now known as DaVinci Resolve); and film restoration and remastering systems, such as Revival. The company's innovations include the color control panel, based on trackballs, and other discrete controls that enable colorists to control the software that manipulates motion picture images. As one of the earliest pioneers in post production products, da Vinci Systems introduced several innovative products and was considered a significant player in the post production industry during its 25 years of operation. da Vinci Systems equipment was initially developed by Video Tape Associates (VTA) in 1982 for use by the Hollywood, Florida, USA-based production/post production facility to alter and enhance colors from scanned film and video tape. The Wiz system, as it was later known, was marketed to other post production facilities, laying the foundation for the creation of the colorist and the post production color suite.

Thomas mentioned in a review, "While the capabilities of DaVinci Resolve are vast, learning how to use it is not very intuitive. This is not a software for beginners. YouTube is your best learning resource, which has it's pros and cons."


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